Manage my Pension

For customers who have questions about their policy in relation to the Coronavirus, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

To get the best out of your pension plan, it is important that you regularly review it. This includes doing the following:

  • Ensure you have given us your up to date contact details including your address, phone number and email. This will enable us to keep in touch with you
  • Let us know what age you intend to take retirement benefits from your plan (you can change this at any time). We will get in touch with you as you approach your chosen age with the options available to you
  • Review your current fund choice and let us know if you want to change it. We will write to you regularly with information on your fund choices

Further information is included in the tabs below.

Scamproof your pension

Scammers are on the increase and they’re rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunities the new pension freedoms bring – don’t be a victim.

Read more about how you can protect your savings here.

  • Personal details

    Changed your name or address?

    0370 333 1500

    Phone our UK-based team Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm excluding bank holidays.

    Please be aware that we may record or monitor calls for training or quality control purposes.

    Change your bank details

    Use the relevant form below to let us know (postal address on the form).

    Make sure you allow at least 13 working days for the changes to be made. If you think this will cause an underpayment of your plan please contact us.

    Set up power of attorney

    Whether you need someone to access your information, act on your behalf, or if you need to access information for someone else, we’re here to help.

    If you need someone to access information on your behalf

    A letter of authority allows someone you trust to access your financial information. Once we receive a completed letter of authority from you, we can share information with them.

    A letter of authority does not allow that person to act on your behalf or make any decisions.

    If you need someone to act on your behalf

    If you need someone to act on your behalf, we will need to receive a lasting power of attorney. You can find out more about this, including costs, in our guide.

    If you need to access information on behalf of someone else

    If you need to access information on behalf of someone who is unable to complete the above letter of authority, because they ‘lack mental capacity’, you can apply to become someone’s deputy.

    You can read a wealth of information to help guide you through the process on:

    Zurich is not responsible for the content of external websites.

  • Plan details

    Your pension statement

    Each year you will receive a pension statement to tell you how your pension plan is doing. For more information about your statement follow the link below.

    When do you intend to take your retirement benefits?

    It's important we have your correct retirement age so we can contact you with the right information at the right time.

    The retirement age we currently hold for you can be found on your latest statement. If this is no longer correct, please get in touch to tell us. Retirement benefits can normally be taken from age 55 apart from certain circumstances such as serious ill health. If this is the case, please get in touch.

    To change your retirement age, call us on:

    0370 333 1500

    (have your plan documents to hand)

    or write to us at:

    Zurich Assurance Ltd
    The Tri Centre
    New Bridge Square
    SN1 1HN

    Setting up a beneficiary

    Your beneficiary is a person you can nominate to receive the proceeds from your pension plan in case you die before you retire.

    To add or change your beneficiaries, call us on:

    0370 333 1500

    (have you plan documents to hand)

    or write to us at:

    Zurich Assistance Ltd
    The Tri Centre
    New Bridge Square
    SN1 1HN

    Want to change your payments?

    When you start your plan, you choose how much you want to pay in.

    • But we know that things can change – and you may want to change your payments, make a one-off payment or even stop your payments altogether.
    • There may be restrictions on the amount you can pay into your plan
    • Stopping or reducing payments may have a significant effect on the amount you get back when you cash in your plan.
    • Making a one-off payment to your investment plan may be subject to a tax charge. We strongly recommend you speak to a financial adviser before making additional payments
    • We only offer direct debit collection dates of the 1st or 14th of the month

    Call us

    Phone our UK-based team Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, excluding bank holidays.

    0370 333 1500

    We may record or monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

    A pension transfer is the process of moving the money and assets from one pension into another.

    Here are some potential advantages of switching your old pension to us:

    • You could pay lower charges.
    • You’ll have everything in one place – one website, one statement and one plan to keep an eye on.
    • Combining your pension pots could make it easier for you to choose the retirement option when the time comes.

    However, bringing your retirement savings together into one Zurich plan may not be right for everyone. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a better income or pay lower charges by transferring, and you could lose valuable benefits or guarantees you have with your old pension.

    We strongly recommend that you speak to a financial adviser before transferring your pension.

    Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact our customer options team on the number below.

    Things to consider before you transfer your pension:

    • Your retirement objectives
    • Your attitude to investment risk
    • Features of your existing plan compared to your new plan
    • Charges you will incur
    • Is it possible to change your current plan
    • The amount of time left to run until your retirement date
    • Changes to your personal circumstances.

    Call us

    Phone our UK-based team Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, excluding bank holidays.

    0370 333 1500

    We may record or monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

  • Fund details

    What are funds and why are they important?

    Funds allow you to choose how and where your money is invested. Some funds invest in shares, others in property or other types of assets.

    The amount you get from your pension at retirement will depend upon the performance of the funds your plan is invested in. It is important that you choose funds that are right for your circumstances, investment objectives and attitude to risk. Over time these may change, so it is important to regularly review your fund choices. We do not charge you for changing your fund choices

    If you don't feel comfortable choosing funds that are right for you then you should consider contacting your adviser. If you don't have one you can find one near you by visiting and reading reviews of financial advisers by visiting You may have to pay for any advice you receive.

    Fund Suspensions

    You may have seen recent press and media coverage detailing a number of funds that have suspended trading. Zurich offer a number of these funds through some of our products. A list of the currently suspended funds is as follows:

    • Zurich Woodford Equity Income ZP
    • Zurich Aviva Investors UK Property ZP
    • Zurich Henderson UK Property ZP
    • Zurich M&G Property Portfolio ZP
    • Zurich SLI Ignis UK Property ZP
    • Zurich Property EP
    • Zurich Property AP
    • Zurich Property ZP

    If you have any questions on how these fund suspensions (or wind up) may have affected your investments through us please contact your financial adviser or call us on one of the following numbers:

    Zurich Pension

    0370 514 3624

    Due to the current Coronavirus situation our business hours have changed.

    Our new opening hours are 8.30AM to 5.30PM Monday to Friday and 09.30AM to 12.30PM Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays.

    We may record or monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

    Funds available to you

    For a more detailed look at all the funds available for your plan and information about how to change your fund choices, please follow the link below that matches your plan number:

    Plan number starts with 'P' and includes PB/P or PB/F (Adaptable Pension Plan)

    Plan number starts with 'P' and includes DL, DK, DKA, VA or VB

    All other plan numbers starting with 'P'

    Plan number includes AK, CK or CKA (Growth Retirement Plan)

    Plan number starts with '7'

    Plan number starts with '0' or '8'

    Plan number starts with '4' and started before 2005

    Plan number starts with '4' and began during or after 2005

    If you cannot find your plan number above or have any other questions feel free to contact us on 0370 241 6950.

    Your plan value

    Your latest statement will include a plan value.

    You can get up to date prices for the funds you are invested in on our FundTracker. You will need to have your latest statement to hand. If you've changed your fund choices since the date of your last statement, you can still select the new fund. Fund prices are updated daily or weekly and the latest price shown will be the most recent price for that fund.

    Once in the FundTracker you can search by fund name or SEDOL number (this should be on your statement).

    Understand investment fund charges

    Fund expenses

    These are deducted from the funds to pay for the day-to-day activities of managing each fund and are reflected in the unit price of the fund. Fund expenses are not fixed as they change each day based on what the fund has bought or sold on a particular day.

    Annual management charge

    An annual management charge is deducted from the fund every day before unit prices are calculated. They could change in the future.

    Initial charges

    There may be an initial charge on some funds before we buy units. You’ll find more information in your plan’s key facts and terms and conditions.

    Fund transaction charges

    On a day when you cash in your plan, more money may be moving out of the fund (or any of the funds it invests in) than into it. In this case, some of the assets of the fund (or funds) will have to be sold and the value of your plan may be reduced to reflect the impact on the fund unit price of the costs and charges associated with the sale.

    Zurich charges

    For details of the charges Zurich take for your plan take a look at your plan’s key facts and terms and conditions.

    Fund changes - November 2019

    We have reviewed the charges that apply to our funds to ensure they are in line with the investment expenses we incur in managing them. Following the latest review, the charges on some funds have changed from 25 November 2019. We believe that our funds continue to offer good value for money to our customers.

    Affected funds - for plan numbers that start ‘0’, ‘4’ , ‘7’ or ‘8’:

    Fund Old Charge New Charge
    Zurich Balanced Managed AP 0.07% 0.18%
    Zurich Deposit & Treasury ZP 0.06% 0.08%
    Zurich Equity Managed 2 EP 0.02% 0.17%
    Zurich Far East & Japan EP 0.02% 0.24%
    Zurich Fixed Interest AP 0.01% 0.07%
    Zurich Long Dated Gilt 2 EP 0.01% 0.14%
    Zurich Managed 2 EP 0.02% 0.19%
    Zurich Property 2 EP 0.03% 0.50%
    Zurich Secure 2 EP 0.01% 0.09%
    Zurich UK Equity 2 EP 0.07% 0.21%
    Zurich UK Opportunities 2 EP 0.01% 0.18%
    Zurich UK Preference & Fixed Interest 2 EP 0.01% 0.15%
    What this means to you: You don't need to take any action if you are invested in any of these funds, though you may want to take the opportunity to review your investments and fund selection. We aren't able to give you any financial advice so you may want to contact your financial adviser.


    The links below provide information about your plan and the with-profits funds. 

    You will need to know whether you have a conventional or unit linked plan.

    If you have a unit linked plan, you need to know which series you invest in:

    Series 1, 2, 2a, 2b, 3, 3b & 7 invest in the 90:10 fund

    Series 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9 invest in the 100:0 fund

    Some plans could have invested in either fund. Please look at your yearly with-profits bonus statement to make sure you choose the relevant information for you.

    Conventional with-profits

    Unit Linked 90:10 with-profits

    Unit Linked 100:0 with-profits

    Further information

    With-profits jargon buster

    Mortgage endowments