self-build insurance

We know that whether you've just bought a plot of land or are already laying the foundations, insurance probably isn't the most interesting part of your project.

It is however, one of the most important and can even be required by law. So, before you even pick up a hammer, it's a good idea to get both yourself and your construction covered.

What is Self-build insurance?

Self-build insurance protects you and the home you're building during construction work.

It's a specialist product that covers you against the risk of any damage or injury that might occur while working on your self-build site and includes liability and physical damage cover.

Public Liability up to £5 million to protect you in case of public injury on your self-build.
Storm damage
Contract Works up to £1 million to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the structure being built.
Protected house
Structural Warranty protects your finished property for 10 years.

Do I need Self-build insurance?

Building a house can be an exciting prospect. From the foundations to the top of the chimney, we know that a project like this can be both daunting but also highly rewarding.

If you've ever wanted to build your own house, we realise it's unlikely you'll have considered insurance, but with most home insurance policies not covering self-build projects, it's crucial to ensure your dream is covered.

If you think you need Self-build insurance or want to find out more, head on over to the SelfBuild Insurance page.

Did you know icon

Did you know?

In 2017, 33,000 Brits signed up to Right to Build registers, officially expressing their interest in building their own home.

This figure signalled an 80% increase on the previous year and perhaps shows a growing trend towards self-build projects.


Protecting self-build dreams since 2013

Our Self-build cover is provided in partnership with SelfBuild Insurance, a sister company of Trade Direct Insurance, and has been protecting self-build dreams since 2013.

The products are carefully designed to cover all phases of a self-build project and provide peace of mind from plot to property.

Take a look at the insurance product information document and policy wording for more details, or check out the dedicated SelfBuild Insurance FAQs page.