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Advised customers

If you purchased your life insurance through an adviser on or after
4th September 2018

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Direct customers

If you purchased your life insurance directly from this website between 16th October 2017 and 25 September 2018


Bought after 26th Sept 2018

If you purchased your life insurance directly from this website after 26 September 2018

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If you can't sign in to a dashboard above or would like to get in touch, please use the information below to manage your policy.
  • Amend your policy

    Change your name

    Use the form below to let us know (you’ll find our postal address on the form). If you have a joint life plan and both holders are changing their names, you’ll need to complete one form each.

    Want to change plan details - change of circumstance?

    Check your policy documents to see if you can make changes to your plan. We call these changes the ‘guaranteed insurability option’, 'mortgage increase option' or ‘special event benefit’. Full details can be found in the key features and terms and conditions documents you received when you first took out your policy or you can contact us and we'll be happy to help.

    In the event your circumstances have changed, your plan may allow you to review and change your cover at certain times in your life.

    For example, if you:

    • Increase your mortgage
    • Get married or enter a civil partnership
    • Get divorced or dissolve a civil partnership
    • Become a parent, either naturally or by adoption
    • Get a salary increase of 10% or more

    You can usually change your cover without having to give us any more details about your health or lifestyle. This may depend on your age when you change your insurance.

    If you have a Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan, you can increase your cover when you increase your mortgage, take out a commercial loan or increase a commercial loan. You can also reduce your cover if you need to.

    Email us

    Call us

    0370 333 1500

    Phone our UK-based team Monday to Friday 8:30am – 6:00pm, excluding bank holidays.

    We may record or monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

    Write to us

    Zurich Assurance Ltd
    New Bridge Square
    SN1 1HN

  • Funds

    Get the latest unit prices with the FundTracker

    To use the FundTracker you will need to have your latest statement to hand. If you've switched funds since the date of your last statement, you can still select the new fund. However, the unit price at the statement date will not be correct.

    Fund prices are updated daily or weekly and the latest price shown will be the most recent price for that fund.

    Once in the FundTracker you can search by:

    Fund name
    SEDOL number if one is shown on your statement

    Can't find your fund or want to get a more detailed valuation?

    Some funds on the FundTracker may not match how they appear on your statement.

    If you are having problems finding your fund(s), or if you want a more detailed valuation or projection,please give us a call:

    0370 333 1500.

    Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.00pm, excluding bank holidays.

    We may record or monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

    Funds available through Zurich

    For a more detailed look at all the funds available through us, please follow the links below:

  • Putting your life insurance into trust

    Putting your life insurance into trust

    When you put your life insurance in trust, you choose who receives the pay out. And when the time comes, they'll usually receive it quickly and in a tax-efficient way.

    Basic facts of trusts

    • A trust is a legal arrangement allowing a person to transfer money or assets (such as property, life insurance, investments or other possessions) out of their estate and ‘gift’ them to someone else (the beneficiary). 
    • We’ll assume the asset being placed in trust is a life insurance policy. 
    • This is done by creating a 'trust deed', which details who is involved in the trust (the parties to the trust) and the terms of the trust (the trust provisions). 
    • Normally, placing a policy in trust is an 'irrevocable act', which means once the policy is in trust this decision can't be changed later on, so you need to really think if putting your policy in trust is right for you. You can put a life insurance policy into trust as soon as it starts, or at a later date.

    Who's needed to set up a trust?

    • Settlor (or 'Donor' on an Absolute Trust) - the person(s) who puts assets into a trust (transferring legal ownership to the trustees) and appoints trustees to look after the trust. 
    • Trustee - the person(s) who looks after the contents of the trust on behalf of the beneficiary(ies) - normally trustees are the settlor themselves, and at least one other person, someone else the settlor trusts and who is likely to outlive them. 
    • Beneficiary - the person(s) who can benefit from the trust.


    • Proceeds are paid to the right person/people. 
    • Proceeds are paid out quickly, so long as there's at least one surviving trustee - we won't need to wait for probate. 
    • Helps reduce Inheritance Tax liability - as proceeds fall outside your estate on death*.

    *We’ve based this information on our understanding of current UK law and HM Revenue and Customs practice at December 2019. Bear in mind, any changes to these rules could affect how proceeds are treated for tax.


    • Once your policy has been put into trust, you can't change your mind and take the policy out of trust later on. 
    • You're giving up ownership and sole control of your policy, although you would be one of the trustees, so during your lifetime you would have some control.

    Being a trustee - your guide

    The role of trustee is very important and to help you understand your duties and responsibilities, you and your chosen trustees should each read this guide before agreeing to be a trustee.

    Need help?

    Looking for advice?

    If you are unsure if putting your policy into trust is right for you, or you’re not sure which trust to choose, you should seek professional help from a solicitor or your financial adviser – you may have to pay for the advice you receive.

    Got a question?

    Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about putting a life insurance policy into trust.

    If you have a question that can’t be answered in our FAQs call us on 0800 096 6233.

  • Power of Attorney

    Set up power of attorney

    Whether you need someone to access your information, act on your behalf, or if you need to access information for someone else, we’re here to help.

    If you need someone to access information on your behalf

    A letter of authority allows someone you trust to access your financial information. Once we receive a completed letter of authority from you, we can share information with them. A letter of authority does not allow that person to act on your behalf or make any decisions.

    If you need someone to act on your behalf

    If you need someone to act on your behalf, we will need to receive a lasting power of attorney. You can find out more about this, including costs, in our guide.