How to make a claim

The information below is for making a Zurich Municipal claim. If you do not hold a Zurich Municipal policy, please see below:

Zurich Claims Chatbot

Welcome to Zara, the Zurich Claims Chatbot, which you can use for property and motor policy claims with Zurich. If you have a liability claim please contact your local casualty claims office.

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Privacy Statement

  • Chatbot is provided to you, on our behalf by SPIXII, the trading name of Momentum Technologies Ltd.
  • To help manage your claim we will need to collect personal information about you including your name, address and contact details.
  • Please give a description of the incident and do not provide any sensitive information about yourself eg health details, or images of people, just a factual description of the incident.
  • Personal details you provide to us via Chatbot will not be used for any other purposes except claims management and any information held within the Chatbot will be depersonalised within 30 minutes of the claim being reported.
  • For more information about how we use personal information and your privacy rights, please read our Privacy Policy here.

Alternatively, you can make a claim using the details below

Make a property claim through the online portal

Log your home insurance claim quickly and easily through our online claims portal.

Start your claim

Make a property claim by phone

If there’s damage to your property please call our Property Claims Department on:

0800 028 0336

Take action to prevent further loss or damage, for example if you have a water leak, fix the problem straight away. Remember though, your policy may not cover the cost of emergency repair.

Make a motor claim by phone

If you need an urgent inspection of your vehicle following a motoring incident, you can call our Motor Claims Department on:

0800 916 8872

Make a liability claim by phone

For urgent advice on a liability claim please call your local casualty claims office.

Information we may need when you make a claim

When you complete a claim form or call our claims team, you are likely to need the following information:

  • Policy number

  • Date of loss

  • Your name and contact details

  • Address where the loss occurred

  • Cause and circumstances of the incident

  • Details of the type of loss

  • Injury or damage

  • Any third part details (where applicable)

Submitting your claim

Get in touch with details of your claim as soon as possible by telephone, email, or post. Once logged in, you can download the claims form you need from the list below and then look up our claims office contact details to send it to us.

What happens next?

We might need to contact you to clarify the details of your claim. Once we have all the information we need, we will tell you whether or not your claim is covered, how much we’ll pay you, or our reasons why we are unable to accept your claim. Finally we’ll arrange for any necessary payments to be made.

When should I contact your claims department?

You should contact us in the event of a loss or potential claim if you need advice or assistance about any claims. Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. For details of your relevant claims offices please see our Office Directory.

What type of claims does the Liability Claims team handle?

The Liability Claims team handle claims made against you for loss or damage to property or for personal injuries. If you receive a claim from an employee, this will be dealt with under the employers’ liability section of your policy. For example, an employee injures their back while lifting and alleges you’re at fault because you didn’t offer manual handling training.

You may also receive claims from another person or organisation, such as a tenant, a contractor, visitor or members of the public and we will handle these under the public liability section of your policy. The Liability Claims team also handles claims in the following parts of your policy:

  • Libel and slander claims, such as, a director making an alleged slanderous remark and the injured party sues for damages.

  • Professional negligence claims, for example another organisation bringing a claim against you in relation to fee-paying professional services that you have provided for them.

  • Engineering insurance claims, such as electrical or mechanical breakdown of a lift, or a cracked boiler.

  • Deterioration of stock claims, including loss of food following a freezer break down.

  • Fidelity guarantee claims, where an employee steals cash from your safe.

  • Personal accident claims, for example, a member of your staff is physically assaulted while on duty and sustains a fractured kneecap.

  • Legal Expenses claims-such as an employee alleging unfair dismissal and you need to claim for the cost of defence in the form of legal expenses. For full details of your policy, please refer to your summary of cover, policy schedules and the SELECT policy wording.

Should you wish to discuss any claims, please contact the relevant claims department or your Claims Relationship Manager.

If you have a query regarding your policy cover, please contact your Underwriter or Risk & Insurance Consultant.

What type of claims does the Motor Claims team handle?

The Motor Claims team deals with damage caused to your insured vehicles and liability arising from a motor accident involving your insured vehicles. For example, call the Motor Claims team if you’re involved in a road traffic accident, someone has alleged that one of your vehicles caused damage to a third party, your insured vehicle suffers damage or is stolen, or you simply require assistance.

What type of claims does the Property Claims team handle?

The Property Claims team deals with damage to your property as a result of a fortuitous incident/event, subject to conditions and exclusions. Depending on your policy, this will range from buildings, contents, money and potential consequential losses as a result of the initial incident/event, i.e. business interruption, works in progress etc.

These events are listed in your policy cover and may include Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft, Riot and Malicious Persons, Earthquake, Subterranean Fire, Storm or Flood, Escape of Water, Impact, Audio or Visual Communication, Falling Trees or Branches, Leakage of Oil, Theft.

If you are handling your property claims below your excess and have an aggregate cap, these need to be recorded separately. You may wish to use our Property Stop Loss Monitoring Form to ensure they all count towards your annual aggregate cap.

Claims office contact details

You should contact us in the event of a loss or potential claim if you need advice or assistance about any claims. Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

For details of your relevant claims offices please see our Office Directory.