Building resilient communities

The current environment can be tough on anyone. But it's a particular challenge for charities as its predicted the charity sector will lose a minimum of £4.3 billion over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, and at a time when more vulnerable people need their help.

The Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) has one aim - helping to support a more inclusive and resilient society and it's something we have been doing since 1973 which makes us one of the longest-established corporate trusts in the UK. Whilst we are a registered independent charity (no 266983), we are also an integral part of Zurich's broader and long-held commitment to corporate responsibility. Here's some of the ways we're helping to build resilient communities in these unprecedented times.

First aid

Helping communities through donations

We have allocated £2 million package of financial and volunteer support for our partner charities most affected by the Coronavirus up and down the country.

first aid

Donating surgical masks to keyworkers

We have donated 350,000 surgical masks to hospitals, hospices, air ambulance, police and health centres.

dementia logo

Supporting Dementia UK Helpline

We have given Dementia UK a grant of £75,000 to help fund their helpline as they need to increase the number of nurses on each shift from 10 to 14.

How Zurich UK are supporting their customers

Three months free cover for charities

Zurich UK are telling all charities and social enterprise customers with an annual premium of less than £5,000 to have three months' free cover for all their policies.

Motor insurance policies cover voluntary work

Customers are automatically covered to use their vehicle for voluntary work purposes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business as usual for our Engineer surveyors

Engineer Surveyors are continuing to work with our customers to ensure essential services keep running, whether that's recommissioning a steam-heated fermentation vessel that manufactures antigens, molecules that stimulate an immune response, which are key to producing vaccines, to boiler inspections at hospitals to ensure they continue to have heating and hot water.


Every year, through a combination of grant-making, volunteering and fundraising, Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) is able to support over 500 deserving causes across the UK and overseas.

But to make a meaningful difference to the lives of others, you need more than money - you need people! We make our charitable giving go further by encouraging colleagues working for Zurich UK to donate both time and money through ‘Zurich Cares’, our community involvement programme.

Each year over 35% of the Zurich UK workforce share their time and business skills with the community. So our charity partnerships are powered, not just by pounds, but by people and the commitment and talent they bring.

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