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Workplace pension transfer

Proposed transfer of Zurich's workplace pension and saving business to Scottish Widows

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Whether you are just a few years away from retirement or you've just started working it's never too early to start planning for your future. Thinking about the long term can be quite difficult but try and imagine the life you'd like to lead when you retire. Maybe it's spending more time with your family and friends, finally doing some repairs on your house or even opening your own business? Knowing what you want for the future is the first step you need take. What else? Our pension experts are here to help with what you need to consider next.

Saving for the Future

Thinking about your retirement can be daunting but it certainly doesn't have to be. To take some of the stress away it's important to start planning from early on. Join our pension experts to find out what you need to consider and how to stay on top of your retirement planning.

Thinking beyond pensions

A pension is a great way to save for the long term but have you thought about all the other savings and investment options out there? Tune into our podcast to find out more about the different ways you can make the most of your money.

Life after work

Imagining your life after you stop working can be quite difficult, but have you actually tried visualising your ideal retirement? Having a clear idea of what you’d like your retirement to look like can help you get the motivation you need to start saving more. Our pension experts explore three different scenarios to help you get started!