Critical illness

Financial support should you suffer a critical illness

What is Critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover is a form of insurance that helps protect the policyholder against the financial impacts caused by serious illnesses, listed within the plan. It’s not a nice situation to think about, but if the unfortunate were to happen, you would receive a one-off payment. This could be used to help make your mortgage repayments or rent, or provide general financial support for you and your family*.

*Critical illness insurance is only available with Zurich through the Level Protection and Decreasing Mortgage Cover plans. For more information take a look at the Key Features document.

Doctor's stethoscope
Doctor's stethoscope

Key features of the policy

✔ A cash sum should you die from or be diagnosed with a critical illness**

✔ You can spend the sum on anything you like such as medical and everyday expenses 

✔ Total Permanent Disability cover optional add-on

**There are 85 illnesses insured on the plan but not all illnesses are covered. See our Critical illness plan document for more information.

How much life cover do I need?

The amount of life cover you need can depend on your personal circumstances and factors such as loans and mortgage repayments; so to help Zurich have created a tool for you to calculate the amount you might need.