Online reporting

Using tablet with stats


Instant Access to reports

Our online reporting tool Crimson gives instant access to reports allowing customers to view inspection activity wherever and whenever they need it. With access to dates for upcoming inspections businesses can plan shutdowns and maintenance work meaning minimal disruption to work flow.

Manage risk, quickly and easily

Crimson is Zurich's powerful online reporting system helping our customers manage business risks. Through Crimson you can:

  • View the status of your engineering reports

  • Create exception reports to highlight plant with serious defects

  • Mobilise resources where defect trends present a risk to workplace safety

  • Take data from reports and integrate it into Excel spreadsheets to create powerful management information

  • Identify follow up actions

  • Add, delete or amend Crimson users within your business – to control who has access to the system and the amount of information they can view

  • Enable email notifications of new reports or automatically send PDF inspection reports to users

  • Integrate with third party asset management\health & safety management systems for a complete overview of all asset information