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Zurich Engineering and The Implications for a ‘No Deal’ BREXIT

Whilst there are more than one eventuality regarding BREXIT, this communication describes the ‘No Deal’ eventuality for Zurich Engineering (ZE).

The UK inspection of lifting equipment, pressure systems, electrical wiring and all other work equipment is unlikely to be effected by BREXIT.

ZE complete in service inspections of the above, as required by UK legislation, namely LOLER, PSSR, PUWER and EAW. These regulations will remain current post BREXIT and maintain Their status in UK law even in a no deal situation.

ZE do not carry out inspection work outside of the UK and do not rely on imported goods or services to function, and as such do not consider our inspection business to be effected.

ZE has accreditation for activities under ISO 17020 for inspection bodies via UKAS. UKAS’ membership of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) will be unaffected if the UK leaves the EU without a deal agreed by both Parties.

In respect of our Notified Body (NoBo) activities, in the event of a "no deal" all UK based Notified Bodies or Recognized Third Party Organisations will cease to be able to carry out conformity assessment procedures for the purposes of European Union product legislation. UK based NoBo's, which will include Zurich Engineering (ZE), will become UK approved bodies. A UK approved body can continue to certify items for use in the UK, and for export to countries outside the EEA. The CE mark will be replaced with a UKCA mark, which will not be valid within the EEA. For the UKCA mark to be placed on items of pressure equipment for use in the UK and that fall into Hazard Category II or above it will have to involve the services of a UK Approved Body.

For any item that manufacture is completed after this date that is being exported for use in a country in the EEA, it cannot be certified by a UK approved body.

Quality Assurance Modules that are used for the manufacture of pressure equipment only for export by a UK NoBo for use in the  EEA in the event of a No Deal Brexit may need to be reassessed by an EU Nobo.

As described, this only describes the ‘No Deal’ eventuality.