Legal Indemnities

Effectively deal with property disputes with legal indemnity insurance

Typically single premium, long-term and non-renewable contracts that cover transactional and legal issues around real estate and other assets. These can potentially lead to third party disputes around the use or ownership of property.

  • Our appetite

    • Rights to light
    • International risk
    • Title insurance
    • Restrictive covenants
    • Defects in title including loss of deeds
    • Possessory Title
    • Lack of adequate access and/or services
    • Deed of gift/transactions at undervalue (Insolvency Act 1986)
    • Easements
    • Leasehold problems
    • Flying freehold
    • Judicial review and other planning and building regulation issues
    • Search indemnities & sewer indemnities
    • Breach of warranty (portfolio sales)
    • Chancel repair
    • Trust & probate i.e. missing beneficiary
    • Lost documents i.e. lost share certificate
  • Required assessment information

    • Copy of title documents referencing the issue that needs insuring
    • Current and proposed use of the property
    • In the event the use of the property is changing, is cover needed pre or post-planning?
    • Plan detailing the location and extent of the property
    • Amount and type of cover needed (e.g. market value, amount of loan etc)
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    Jack Taylor

    Legal Indemnities Trading Manager

    Mobile: 07875 888 278


    Kevin Anang

    Legal Indemnities Market Underwriter

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