Corporate Life and Pensions

Benefit solutions for your most important assets: your employees

The success of a business relies on the skills and talents of its employees, so it makes sense to ensure they’re rewarded, motivated and protected. We can help to find and implement solutions to benefit your employees wherever they are in the world.

Global Employee Benefit Solutions

The Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions team help multinational companies find the right financing solutions for their global employee benefit plans.

We have a global network of market leading insurance companies offering products and services in over 130 countries and territories. We work with Zurich owned companies and top-quality local insurers where Zurich does not have a local presence. Regardless of ownership, all partners in the network share a common purpose; to offer competitive, high quality products and services.

We continually expand our services proposition and geographic coverage by strengthening the network through new partnerships in the most relevant countries and territories for our customers and their affiliates. The Zurich Network footprint matches up well with most multinational companies as we offer capabilities in all important regions of the world.

  • Over 30 years of experience in employee benefits
  • Staff network of over 45 employees
  • Around 150 customers with $200 million total premium (as at November 2018)
  • Over 20 captive customers with around $100 million in ceded annual premium (as at November 2018)
  • Centrally controlled through reinsurance

Our solutions

Pooling solutions - Provides a consolidated view of group global benefit plans in terms of experience and performance.

We offer different pooling solutions to match our customers' size and risk appetite.

Captive solutions - Captives are essentially 'in-house' insurance companies, allowing larger multinational companies to take on some of their own risk. Local employee benefit contracts are issued by local Zurich network partners based on market practice in each country and territory.

Zurich International Programmes for Employees (Global Underwriting) - Zurich International Programme for Employees (Global Underwriting) provides a centralised tailor-made solution with the group's overall size in mind. Rather than paying a profit share, the margin is already reflected in the rates. It is developed for multinationals who are looking to centrally manage their employee benefits coverage, to obtain more cost efficiency, control and data for their programmes globally.

For more information, please visit the Our Expertise page.

Group Income Protection

While offering your employees peace of mind in the event of time off work through illness, Group Income Protection can also help businesses mitigate the costs and potential losses caused by these absences.

Our early intervention and specialist rehabilitation support helps employers effectively and consistently deal with employee absence, provide ‘duty of care’, and cultivate a positive workplace culture – all of which help to retain experienced staff.

What is Group Income Protection?

Cover that enables employers to financially support their employees if an illness or injury prevents them from working with a pre-agreed proportion of the employee's salary.

Employees will also have access to rehabilitation support if required.

Making a claim – a truly dedicated service

Our customers have their own Dedicated Case Manager who is on hand to provide support throughout the claims process. We aim to process all aspects of claims within 48 hours of receipt.

Our team of medically and vocationally qualified experts are co-located with our claims team, allowing them to quickly identify people that could benefit from early intervention or rehabilitation activities. 

This can be of considerable value to businesses, helping individuals return to work sooner.

Group Life

Employees may consider life cover to be an essential part of the benefits package, and Group Life cover provides them with peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones will have some financial protection should they die.

International Corporate Risk

Our solution

A tailored, all-in-one cross border package that covers your internationally mobile employees on assignment.

The key features include:

  • Consistent, cross-country* policy terms to cover mobile group members
  • Capacity is flexible (sums insured and benefit combinations can be adjusted) and covers numerous sectors
  • Flexible and appropriate billing
  • Efficient claims handling
  • 2 year rate guarantee
  • Local and international support team
  • Cover provided by Zurich International Corporate Solutions

*Coverage may be limited to certain countries due to regulatory reasons.

Our appetite

We can provide group life and disability coverage if your organisation fits one of the following:

  • Has a global footprint with internationally mobile employees
  • Has a global or local approach to employee benefit solutions
  • Employs aid workers in volatile regions (NGOs)
  • Specialises in staffing in offshore shipping and extraction

International Corporate Savings

International Pension Plan

Our International Pension Plan (IPP) is a low-cost, engaging retirement savings plan for your employees that may be useful for expatriates and globally mobile employees working in locations with no pension arrangement.

Key features:

  • Access to passively and actively managed funds denominated in multiple currencies across a wide range of sectors including money market, mixed asset, regional equity, global equity, fixed income and Sharia funds
  • Target dated funds offer a simple investment solution where employees can invest in a single fund from joining until retirement. Each fund contains a wide portfolio of investments, spreading risk through diversification
  • Zurich Risk Profile Funds offer a low-cost, straightforward and diversified investment solution with a range of risk and return profiles designed to align with plan members' individual objectives, age, income, risk profiles and investment time frame
  • 24 hour secure access for plan administrators and employees through Zurich International Online
  • Option for a Trustee-owned plan to ensure assets are independently controlled and protected
  • Ability to replicate bespoke plan design, including plan currency, vesting rules and contribution levels
  • Available in 11 currencies with benefits paid in any freely convertible currency
  • Accepts transfers subject to local legislative requirements
  • Winner of the Best International Pension Plan at the 2018 International Fund and Product Awards
  • Cover provided by Zurich International Corporate Solutions

International Corporate Investment Plan

Our ICIP provides a means of outsourcing administration for global benefit defined benefits schemes by providing investment services, daily trading and access to a range of multi-currency investments in a cost-effective way. It also allows employees to track invested contributions, switch funds and manage out of market exposure with access to our online administration platform.

Why Zurich?

With over 35 years of experience in the international employee benefit market, our experts help employers around the world to understand and protect themselves from risk.

For more information, take a look at the Our Expertise page.