Captive Services

Ensure your clients enjoy the benefits of a captive program

Today, more and more companies are exploring the many benefits of including non-life as well as life risks in their captive programs.
  • Our solution

    Captive fronting

    The ability to pass (or ‘cede’) reinsurance risks on to the captive instead of being underwritten by local insurers.

    • Certainty of compliance
    • Access to Zurich’s global network
    • Access to captive reinsurance best practices and administration
    • Zurich Multinational Insurance Application provides information and clarity for customers over compliance with local insurance and tax regulations
    • International Programme System supports movement of premium and claims handling across global platforms
    • Dedicated team ready to assist with customers with tailor-made solutions, ensuring the smooth implementation of arrangements

    Captive consultancy services

    • Exit strategy planned in detail to ensure a smooth process
    • Feasibility studies for captive structures
    • Quantitative Risk Analysis provides a bespoke report into each customer’s insurance risk profile

    Captive Management

    Zurich professionals are fully licensed to provide global customer assistance from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Bermuda.

  • Group employee benefits

    • Extensive global employee benefit network
    • Management of captive owner’s pension programmes
    • Life and disability programmes with global risk solutions
    • Accident and Health coverage for employees
    • Retirement benefits and group protection for expatriates and mobile workforces
  • Supply chain risk assessment

    • Securitises supply chain risks
    • Increases access to reinsurance capacity
    • Frees up premium allocation
    • Reliable supplier data to secure Contingent Business Interruption limits
    • Funds supply chain assessments through cash flow
    • Aides understanding of supply chain exposures