Claims expertise

  • The stats

    • We paid out on average 99% of insurance claims made by our UK customers in 2017
    • Expert UK-based claims team
    • Quick claims settlement on small motor and property claims
    • Easily report a claim: contact us by phone, email or via online form
  • Our commitment

    As an integral part of Zurich’s proposition, we use every one of our 50 years of experience to ensure claims are handled reliably and speedily. We respond quickly to all cases, regardless of size or complexity with dedicated claims experts on hand from initial contact to final resolution.

    Our commitment to our customers dictates that our claims are:

    • Tailored to their needs and the needs of their business
    • As straightforward and simple as possible to ensure satisfaction and quick resolution
    • Worked on collaboratively to share a common goal
  • The facts

    A dedicated claims expert will be in contact within the following time frames:

    • 48 hours for larger claims
    • 72 hours for smaller claims
    • 24 hours for small business claims 

    Final payment (if the claim is successful) will be paid within 72 hours of receiving the final documentation

    In the event Zurich and your client's business agree the claim will cost more than £250,000, we will discuss a claims strategy with them and all parties involved to agree a resolution.

    Want to know more?

    Take a look at our Risk engineering or International Programmes page for more information.

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