Guaranteed cover for your surety bond to the agreed limit

With over 70 years in the Surety bond market, a Zurich bond will guarantee cover for any potential losses and damages up to the agreed bond limit.
  • Our appetite

    Strong, financially sound UK and multinational industries requiring significant and meaningful surety capacity.

  • Our solution

    Our range of bonds are designed specifically to cater for as diverse a market as possible:

    • Performance bond – Employer’s guarantee of a contract’s performance in accordance with its T&Cs
    • Advance payment bond – A guarantee given when money is paid before goods or services are supplied
    • Retention bond – A guarantee in place of money that would be held as retention
    • Road and sewer bond – Ensures the fulfilment of statutory obligations for construction and maintenance of roads and sewers
    • Infrastructure bond – Guarantees planned infrastructure is completed under the Planning Act
    • Deferment guarantee – For HM Revenue and Customs for the payment of duty and taxes
    • Warehouse bond -  Required by HM Revenue and Customs for bonded warehouses
    • Regulatory and licence bond – Needed as a condition of obtaining a statutory licence or approval from regulatory bodies
    • Rail industry bond – Performance and season ticket bonds
    • Local Government and Pension Scheme bond
    • Court bond – creates security for the discharge
  • Claims expertise

    Our dedicated claims experts, bespoke major loss and fraud protection teams are there from first call to final resolution, analysing and identifying future solutions.

    Have a look at Our Expertise page to find out more.

    We’re in for the long haul, aiming to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, offering them surety capacity that can enable them to free up banking lines.