Real Estate Mixed Residential and Commercial

Make sure your client's portfolio is fully compliant and protected

Our underwriting team use their expert knowledge and experience in the commercial and real estate sector to work with your customers to manage all aspects of their portfolio and deliver a fast, tailored response to brokers. Together they form a UK-wide real estate business. With the scope of risk management shifting towards more preventative practices and strategies, our experienced underwriters use global and local presence to provide fully compliant insurance solutions to brokers and customers.
  • Our solution

    Fire damage

    Our expertise is used to manage out and minimise loss.

    Waiver of condition

    Average is waived providing the insured completes the valuation programme detailed in the policy.

    Privity of contract

    Cover for customers subject to legacy lease issues from a building previously sold on.

    Adaptation Cover

    Designed to allow improvements in reinstatement works for better energy performance.

    Increased costs can also be accounted for in the event more environmentally-friendly materials or suppliers are used.

    Newly acquired buildings

    Cover for new purchases (to an agreed limit) on condition we are informed as soon as possible.

    Inadvertent omission to insure

    A sleep-easy cover. Your policy will cover you if a property is damaged and had not been added to the policy in error.

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