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Ensure all corners of your clients' portfolio are covered

Our underwriting team use their expert knowledge and experience in residential real estate to work with your customers to manage all aspects of their portfolio and deliver a fast, tailored response to brokers. Together they form a UK-wide real estate business. With the scope of risk management shifting towards more preventative practices and strategies like property risk assessments, our experienced underwriters use global and local presence to provide fully compliant insurance solutions to brokers and customers.

  • Our appetite

    • Residential Associations
    • Freeholder property managers
    • Buy to let owners
    • Professionally managed estate owners, managers or organisations
    • Long leasehold property with high quality tenants and low levels of vacancy

  • Our cover

    Alternative accommodation & loss of rent (cash allowance)

    Flexible support in finding the right accommodation to meet the tenants’ needs. The policy limit increases to reflect the costs necessary to meet expected standards. To be equitable, a cash payment is offered to leaseholders not using the alternative accommodation option.

    Illegal cultivation of drugs

    Covers the damage caused by cultivation of illegal drugs provided the landlord takes sufficient precautions to monitor and manage the premises.

    D&O cover

    Available through personal liabilities to directors, officers and others whilst managing residential management companies.

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