small fleet

Keep your wheels rolling with our Small Fleet insurance

Our Small fleet insurance covers you if you have 3 to 20 vehicles. If you have 21 or more vehicles, take a look at our Motor Fleet insurance. We provide cover for both domestic and international customers and aim to cover all kinds of vehicles.

  • Our appetite

    • Fleets between 3–20 vehicles
    • Predominantly commercial cars
    • Well managed with good claims experience
    • Mixed vehicle schedules
  • Highlights

    We’ve got all the standard covers you’d expect but here’s where our covers really excel:

    • If damage is caused by a commercial car or motorcycle to the property of a third party we will cover the costs up to a maximum of £50million
    • We can cover any driver and we do not add an additional excess for young drivers
    • Discounted rates are available with the AA
    • On ZTrade bulk vehicle look up at the click of a button
    • Electronic documentation in minutes including Certificates at bind stage
    • Commission slider so you can decide your earnings
    • No Declarations – Automatic updates to the Motor Insurance Database as and when changes to the vehicle schedule and pro-rate Mid-term Adjustments are made
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