Wholesale and Retail

Comprehensive insurance for a range of wholesale and retail needs

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    • Machinery and equipment
    • Metals and ores
    • Construction materials and sanitary equipment
    • Hardware, plumbing and heating equipment
    • Industrial electronic parts and equipment
    • Computers, computer equipment and software
    • Household goods
    • Textiles, clothing and footwear
    • Fresh foods, fruit, vegetables and flowers
    • Wholesale of food and beverage


    • Groceries
    • Furniture and hardware
    • Electrical equipment
    • Clothing and leisure
    • Personal care
    • Specialist retailers
  • Highlights

    Here are six key proposition highlights that you and your customers can benefit from, included as standard:

    1. Virtual Consulting - free online risk management tool, providing your customers with risk guidance on the top causes of loss facing their industry sector and how to mitigate them, from a trusted source, 24/7.
    2. Reputation.com - help your customers assess and manage their online reputation across multiple locations. Once registered your customers will receive a personalised reputation report for their business, with upgrade options available at a discounted rate.
    3. Business Interruption Calculator - an opportunity for you to develop your relationship further with your customer; an online tool to assist you in helping your customers assess everything that needs to be included to achieve a more accurate level of Business Interruption cover.
    4. Zurich Risk Insights - a new way to alert your customers to risks facing their business, straight from our Risk Engineering and Claims divisions as well as our specialist third party providers. You can also access this information.
    5. Cyber Protection - a cyber extension, part of the Public Liability policy, is now automatically available to your mid-market corporate customers. We now cover the costs of forensic investigations up to £50,000, should a data breach occur.
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