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    We’ve got all the standard covers you’d expect but here’s where our covers really excel:

    • If you lose any income following an incident that you are insured for under the policy at your premises we will pay you the shortfall up to £2million per location up to 10 locations over a 24 month indemnity period
    • If, during the course of business, a director, business partner or essential employee dies or sustains an injury which means they can’t perform their usual duties we will pay reasonable expenses incurred by you up to £10,000
    • Frozen food – £10,000 limit if there is a change in temperature or failure of electric supply, we will pay for the costs of replacing and repackaging up to £10,000
    • High money limits – for money kept at home, in transit, on the premises or in an unspecified safe
    • Standard goods in transit starting at £2,500 with flexible limits up to £15,000 covering your property or goods from one location to another by road
    • We will increase your cover automatically for three months during peak seasons with the flexibility to increase the time if required
    • If you acquire a new premises, our SME policy will cover your buildings and contents at this location up to a maximum of £500,000 or 10% of the sum insured, as long as you tell us as soon as reasonably possible and the business is similar to that which you already have insured
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