Contractors pollution liability

Protection against environmental damage during construction works

Provides contractors with coverage for third-party claims caused by pollution events arising from covered operations performed by or on behalf of the insured at project sites.
  • Our appetite

    • General contractors including industrial, commercial, residential, infrastructure (road, sewage, hospitals etc.), demolition and abatement (lead and asbestos), road works/motorway construction, excavation and grading
    • Trade contractors (plumbers, pipe/gas fitters, HVAC, paving, concrete)
    • Industrial Service contractors (maintenance, cleaning, asbestos/mould/lead paint abatement, emergency response contractors, storage tank installation & removal, pipeline installation)
    • Environmental contractors (remediation in situ or ex situ, borehole sampling, air or water sampling).
    • Capacity of up to £17.5m/USD 25m
  • Exposures

    Some environmental hazards cannot easily be foreseen by a contractor and exist regardless of the type of work they are hired to perform. Operations performed by a contractor may result in claims for bodily injury or property damage stemming from the presence, escape, release or exacerbation of pollutants at a project site.

    Examples include:

    • Exacerbation of existing hazardous conditions when a contractor moves hazardous materials
    • Toxic substances contained in building materials released during demolition, construction or after completion
    • Accidental release of hazardous materials as a result of a contractor-caused damage (i.e. damage to a pipeline or storage tank in which hazardous materials are contained)
    • Injury to third parties caused by equipment or materials used by a contractor in their work
    • A construction defect which causes water intrusion into a structure that leads to the growth of mould
    • Negligent installation of industrial equipment containing hazardous materials
    • Fugitive sediment and dust from a project site
  • Our solution

    We offer flexible annual or multi-year coverage for specific projects or all contracting operations of the insured.

    • Environmental damage arising from covered operations
    • Third party claims for bodily injury, property damage, clean-up costs, & environmental damage
    • Transportation of materials
    • Insured's owned, leased operated or staging sites (excluding job sites)
    • Non-owned disposal sites
    • Emergency response costs/loss prevention costs to address provisions under ELD to prevent or mitigate an imminent threat of or actual damage to the environment or threat to human health
    • Property damage definition extends to third party diminution in property value
    • Incidental professional liability coverage for allegations of improper supervision or subcontractors
    • Coverage for losses arising out of asbestos abatement performed by qualified contractors and/or incidental to insured's business