About our past partners


An award winning charity providing a school-based counselling service, Place2Be is dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing of children, their families and the whole school community.  They currently work with 174 schools across England, Scotland and Wales – supporting over 64,000 children and young people, helping them cope with issues such as bereavement, domestic violence, bullying, eating disorders and addiction.

How our money helps

Place2Be’s service is growing every year with the recognition that children who show challenging behaviours are often hiding deeper issues. Many live in areas of high crime and drug abuse, have experienced domestic violence or neglect. It is hardly a surprise that children in these areas find it difficult to concentrate or learn, and therefore fail to reach their potential.

Zurich Community Trust has awarded over £700,000 towards counselling and support services in Greenwich, Croydon, Nothing, Manchester and Edinburgh – giving support to over 10,000 children and young people, helping stop the downward spiral into problem behaviour by enabling children to cope with their problems and allowing them to concentrate on their learning. 

The benefits are clear – having Place2Be in a school delivers positive results. Teachers are more able to focus on teaching; parents feel better supported and are more willing to engage with the schools; and children become happier and better behaved – the surest way to enhance future life chances and help children grow up with prospects not problems.

The Prince's Trust


Around one in five young people in the UK are not in work, education or training. Youth unemployment costs the UK economy £10 million a day in lost productivity, while youth crime costs £1 billion every year.

The Prince's Trust gives practical and financial support to around 50,000 young people each year who need it most. They help develop key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.

How our money helps

Zurich Community Trust is the sole funder of the Working for Wellbeing project which was set up in 2009.  It aims to increase awareness of mental health issues on the charity's flagship 12-week personal development course, TEAM, which offers 16-25 year old unemployed young people with skills, confidence and emotional resilience to get them into education, training and employment.

Of the 10,000 young people that go through TEAM, around half of those young people need additional mental health support.

The Working for Wellbeing programme has introuduced placements for student social workers on TEAM who help improve the emotional wellbeing of young people.

At the heart of Working for Wellbeing is Mental Health First Aid Training which is provided to Team Leaders and Wellbeing Support Workers.


Family Action


Family Action is the UK’s leading family charity, supporting over 45,000 families every year. They tackle some of the most complex and difficult issues facing families today – including domestic abuse, mental health problems, learning disabilities and severe financial hardship.

We work with whole families to help them find solutions to problems, no matter how difficult, so that they become safer, stronger and more optimistic about their future.

How our money helped

Family Action's Building Bridges services provide emotional and practical support to each of the family members where a parent has a mental health problem. The approach promotes the involvement of other agencies and encourages them to work together and coordinate their services.

Our funding of a project worker in Greenwich over two years helped to run support groups, drop in services and activities for families during school holidays.

In Edenbridge, Kent, our funding covered part of the costs for a part-time worker to help families in a large rural area.

And finally, we part funded the costs of the Head of Strategic Development for three years to develop the Building Bridges service.