Pictured:  Children and young people supported by APSA in Bangalore.

The Association for the Promotion of Social Action (APSA) is a non-governmental organisation operating out of Bangalore and is a rights-based child-centred community development organisation.  Their work focuses on child labour and child abuse.
Around 180 children visit the centre daily, although the school population is transient - they don’t know how many children will be rescued from abuse or how many children of migrant workers from the slums will appear each day.  However they provide food, shelter and education to those who attend.
Over the last ten years 2,500 children have attended of which half will have graduated equipped with skills to enable them to work. 

Who they support

  • Child Labourers
  • Street children
  • Child victims of domestic violence
  • Child victims of physical of sexual abuse
  • Abandoned or runaway children
  • Children of sex workers
  • Children in distress or rescued from dangerous situations including those rescued from urban slums

How they do it

APSA runs a 24 hour child helpline that consists of two desks and two people who take around 60 calls a day about children who are in need of rescue.  Calls may be about child labour or abuse and it is often neighbours who call or perhaps concerned adult workers.
They work in conjunction with the Juvenile Justice Board, the local child labour officer and police.  So when a genuine case of child labour abuse is identified, plain clothed police officers or the child labour officer will accompany APSA staff to rescue the child.  The employer will be fined. There are around seven rescues each day.
The main centre houses a school and vocational training centre which has student accommodation for boys and girls aged 16-24.  Firstly, they will teach them English to a sufficient standard for employment and give them a skill such as IT, tailoring, printing and electronics.
APSA also run outreach training units in the slums and a hostel for girls to develop confidence and financial capability.

Relationship with Zurich Community Trust

Partner since 2008

6 assignments as follows:
  -  Developing a strategy to manage information Sep 2008 Peter Firth
  -  Developing a PR, Communications & Fundraising Strategy Nov 2010 Gill McCombe
  -  Develop the database and come up with techniques to maximise potential Nov 2012 Gergely Gyimesi
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For more information on APSA's programmes, please visit their website.