Pictured:  Capacity Audit meeting at APD

The Association of People with Disability (APD) joined us as a founding partner to the programme, developing their work with our support. 

What they do

The Association for People with Disability (APD) is a Bangalore based organization working since 1959 for children, youth and adults with various types of disabilities – primarily those with physical disability.

Who they support

Fitting equipmentPrimarily those with physical disability, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, development delay, and speech and multiple disability.
Their mission is: "To meet individual needs; to create awareness; to promote acceptance and integration; to instil self-confidence; and to encourage self-reliance for the benefit of persons with disability".    

How they do it

They aim to improve the self-esteem and productivity of people with disabilities and to:

  • Integrate them at different levels of society
  • Create space for them in the socio-economic arena of the country and the world
  • Enable people with disabilities to be independent
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders
  • They do this through a combination of education, therapeutic counselling, services and the provision of mobility aids

APD provides vocational skills training and support in the placement of people with disabilities, with special focus on women and people with spinal cord injuries.  They have recognised over the last few years that they cannot solve the problems alone. So, having developed model solutions, they now spend much of their time working with others to help them adopt the models and so reach even more people. 
APD takes a holistic approach in addressing the issue of disability. It runs the following programmes:

  • An integrated school for 200 children up to age eleven, 80% with a disability.
  • The Urban Slum Outreach Programme (USOP) works in 7 slums on integrated and supported education, health, mobility intervention and community development.
  • The Physiotherapy and Orthotic Units offer training and services for other units of APD and outsiders.
  • The Industrial Training Centre (ITC) delivers training in formal and non-formal skills, plus Horticultural

Training courses

A home-based programme provides light industrial work to small local production units and to individuals, as well as soft loans to help people to become self-employed in tailoring, vending, etc.   The Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project works in 10 villages, doing similar work as USOP.

Relationship with Zurich Community Trust

  • Partners since 1994
  • 18 assignees plus help from a UK based virtual team
  • We’ve worked with APD since the beginning of the India programme and have built a strong relationship with them. We’ve funded several projects and they’ve worked with us to develop our Capacity Building approach.

For more information regarding the work of APD, please visit their website.