Pictured:  Michelle Slade from Zurich's Fareham office on assignment in Bangalore, working with Mobility India.

Our programme

The India Programme works through partner organisations, helping them to improve their organisational efficiency.   Our support for our active full partners comes in three forms:

  • Funding - we use an innovative approach to capacity building funding, which has been developed in conjunction with our partners. We support a proportion of an organisation’s running costs, which allows them to really concentrate on sustainability - the decision regarding 'where' an organisation focusses these resources is reached through an annual Capacity Audit conducted with staff and management at the NGO. This approach has been running for a number of years and, we believe, has had significant benefits for our partners to make them stronger as organisations and thus increasing the impact of their reach.
  • Assignments - 105 Zurich assignees have undertaken a four week project sharing their professional skills to help the NGOs develop their processes and systems to make them function more effectively.  Typically, these skills will be in HR, Marketing and Communications, IT and business planning. An assignment offers personal development opportunities for the assignee to develop their skills and an personal coach can help them to understand the skills they have and harness new ones.
  • Partners' network - a unique opportunity for small and large partner NGO organisations to network. Partners may come from a diverse range of voluntary organisations but they share common problems, which this forum allows them to discuss and try to solve.


2014 - won the 'Excellence in Developmental Intervention' Award in The Association for Business Psychology Workforce Experience Awards

2004 - awarded the BIG TICK mark by Business in the Community for Programme Impact.

Next steps

Over the years, we have had relationships with 12 different partners in Southern India to help them to develop the capacity to sustain themselves capacity.  Over the last 22 years the Indian economy and the corporate sector has developed substantially - and not least with the CSR Bill that became law in 2014 whereby large companies have to donate 2% of their profits to the community.

Our strategy is now to encourage local companies in the Bangalore area to share their staff's skills and fund capacities of NGOs. We are now working with a Bangalore CR Consultant to help us to leave a legacy in India to engage local companies in India to get involved in a similar model with either the NGOs we work with, or with others.  This is integral to our planned exit of the programme by 2017.