The India programme was set up in 1994 to provide an overseas funding option for Zurich Community Trust and to provide volunteering options for Zurich employees.

Why India?

We chose Southern India because it was a relatively secure environment where Zurich employees (women as well as men) could work, where English was widely spoken and where there was a high level of need.

India's economy may be booming and it may boast more dollar billionaires than any other country in the world, yet over a third of its population live on less than a $1 a day - the World Bank's definition of poverty.

So for many Indians poverty is a way of life, but so much harder if you have a long term illness or a disability. Driven by a desire for a better life, many people migrate to the cities and end up living and working in appalling conditions. Subsistence is often the best that can be hoped for, as so many of them come from rural communities and are unskilled.

The Zurich Community Trust India Programme works in long term partnerships with selected Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working with people with disabilities, livelihood, education, health care and poverty issues.

Unusually, the Trust provides core funding to develop their organisational capacity.  Our belief is that this approach will enable NGOs to help more people to access their services. Zurich employees also share their management skills on month long assignments to help them develop their systems and processes.

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