Drug and alcohol misuse causes hidden harm. 
Research suggests that children of substance misusing parents experience chaotic lives. For their children it can mean missed meals, missed opportunities to play with other children and sometimes missed school.
They also witness inappropriate behaviour by adults such as drug taking as a normal part of family life.

The hard facts

  • UK has more 15 and 16 year old drug users than any other country in Europe
  • 350,000 children at risk from parent/carer drug use in the UK
  • It is thought that the children of substance misusing parents are seven times more likely to use drugs
  • Drug misuse costs £18 billion a year in social and economic costs
  • With our Breaking the Cycle programme we seek to transform family life for these children.  We hope that ultimately thousands of children will be stopped from misusing drug and alcohol themselves. 

About half the children helped through Breaking the Cycle are between one and seven years old.