Parental drug and alcohol misuse can - and does - cause serious harm to children at every age from conception though to adulthood.

  • 1.3 million children in Britain are growing up with at least one parent who has a significant drink or drug problem - that's one in ten children.
  • It is thought that children of problematic drug users are seven times more likely to grow up with a drug problem themselves.

These children are often living lonely and intensively difficult lives.  Some are assuming the role of a parent themselves and are looking after brothers or sisters.  Others are isolated at school because of the stigma attached to their parents' problems, even though parent and child still love each other and there's a strong desire to keep the family together.  Above all, this is a generation of children who are growing up in homes where problem drinking and drugs are seen as normal, which makes them more likely to become drug users or problem drinkers themselves. Look at the hard facts about substance misuse.

Breaking the Cycle

Our charity partner, Addaction, identified this issue in 2005 and we felt it was an issue where we could make a difference.  The 'Breaking the Cycle' programme, developed in partnership with Addaction, helps to transform the lives of children who have parents who misuse drugs and/or alcohol.  

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