"You're constantly learning. Mental health is a huge area and I learn something new every day, but you develop the confidence to deal with every call."

The Mind Infoline has the power to change people's lives.  We are proud to say that more than 90% of callers who contact the Mind Infoline are satisfied with the information they receive.

“Just the feeling of relief that, at last, someone was listening and that I wasn't having to cope alone - that was a tremendous relief. The response was  professional and helpful. It was like having a weight taken from my shoulders.”

Meet Ian Pritchard, a Mind Infoline Adviser.  Answering a constant stream of emails, texts and phone calls, he never know what aspect of mental health he'll be discussing next. Ian takes us through a typical day here >>




Our partnership with Mind and £50,000 annual grant supports the employment and training costs of one Infoline Advisor. It means that over 7,000 additional requests for help can be answered each year.  Each year, around 14 million people in the UK will experience a mental health problem. The Mind Infoline really is a gateway to Mind's full range of information and local services.  A gateway to getting well.