“I feel like a new person having come here, it is inspirational.”

Mary has Fronto-Temporal dementia. Her condition means that she struggles with her verbal communication and ability to find the words she wants to think or express herself.  Mary has always loved singing however, so she joined the Singing for the Brain group in Wandsworth.                                                                                               

Mary was keen to socialise more in a supportive and safe environment, but initially she was withdrawn and reluctant to talk. However, she really enjoyed the singing and found that she was able to remember and produce the words she needed to sing along.

After a while it was clear to staff that Mary was feeling more relaxed and was enjoying being able to articulate words through singing that she struggled with in normal conversation. She began to open up more during tea and coffee breaks, speaking to other members of the group about the challenges they all experienced living with dementia.  

Mary says she now feels more confident and enjoys spending time with the other people in the group. The songs have helped her verbal communication and thinking. And the group has helped to focus on what she can do and supported her to feel part of her community again. 



Through our £50,000 annual grant, we are proud to continue to support five Singing for the Brain groups around the UK, including Mary's group in the London Borough of Wandsworth. 

Through the course of one year, the Singing for the Brain groups support over 100 people living with dementia and their carers. 

You can listen into a Singing for the Brain session here >>