Zurich Cares Local Grants programme

In addition to our national partners and overseas grants programme, the Zurich Community Trust pot also funds the Local Grants programme.

The money that Zurich employees raise for Zurich Community Trust is invaluable.  All funds raised go into the 'Zurich Cares' grant pot to then be allocated - through our network of Zurich Cares charity committees managed by Zurich volunteers - to deserving causes across the UK. 

The charities receiving these awards use the funds to sustain, support and develop their work, enabling them to reach out to those in need within their communities and to help improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people. 

At the heart of it

Our Local Grants programme for 2017 is now underway across the UK. Click on the location links below for a snapshot of our local grants programme supporting communities across the UK.  For more details of any of these programmes, please contact the appropriate Zurich Community Trust Programme Manager  at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the local grants programmes supporting local communities close to the Zurich offices listed below, we also run an annual Regional Grants programme which gives homeworkers and smaller office locations the opportunity to also get involved in grant-making by nominating a charity of their choice. 

Click here to download our flyer to see who we supported in 2016 through our Regional Programme. 



 ZCT Contact                                                      




Sarah Barter (Mon to Wed only)
Phone: 01793 502202
Email: sarah.barter@zct.org.uk

Swindon, Cheltenham and Regional Grants

Lisa Walsh 
Phone: 07875 885168
Email: lisa.walsh@zurich.com 

Carla Mandis
Phone: 07812 265216 
Email: carla.mandis@uk.zurich.com
Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol                 

Kerry Chambers
Phone: 07841 562892
Email: Kerry.chambers@zct.org.uk

Croydon, Brighton, Fareham and Farnborough