Pictured:  Matthew Hartigan from Zurich mentoring Duncan Craig, CEO of charity Survivors Manchester

The Zurich Community Trust runs a number of programmes to encourage and support Zurich's employees to do their part to make a better world.  Working closely with our national and local partners across the UK, we broker opportunities for Zurich employees to share their business know how and develop their professional and life skills themselves along the way. Some key ways for employees to share their skills with voluntary organisations are:  

1.  Skillshare projects

Skillshare projects are usually one off projects designed to make a quick and valuable difference to a community organisation.  Taking between two and 20 hours, Skillshares can be completed in one go or over a few months. Employees are encouraged to share their skills in a huge array of areas including marketing, business planning, communications, sales training, strategic planning, health & safety guidance, social media training and report writing.  

Have a look at these great Skillshare stories below!  And view our short video highlighting the value of sharing business skills (from the viewpoint of charities and volunteers) by clicking here or below.  


 Skillshare stories




2. Business to charity mentoring

Zurich already runs a successful in-house mentoring scheme, and now Zurich Community Trust is starting to develop external mentoring between a staff member and the CEO or senior manager of a local or national charity.   Every mentor/mentee relationship is different and agreed by both parties, but current mentors meet their charity mentee three or four times a year and are on the end of a phone, e-mail or skype for additional support.

3. Trusteeship or school governorship 

Employees also volunteer as Trustees and School Governors. A minimum commitment of at least one year is expected.   We recognise the contribution made by these volunteers by offering the opportunity to apply for an annual  £200 grant for the school or charity they support.  

4. Other opportunities  

  • Call in Time, where Zurich employees volunteer to call an older person supported by Age UK, once or twice a week to check on their wellbeing and to offer a friendly ear. To find out more contact Jane Boulton.
  • Lunchtime volunteering – employees give up their lunchtimes each week to help children develop their reading, writing and maths skills.