Dig out those decs and dust off those Santa hats... it's Festive Challenge time and we've got some right 'crackers' for you this year!

Choose your challenge from Tuesday 3 October and book from Tuesday 10 October. 100% matching applies to all challenges. 

To book yours, please contact your Zurich Cares Challenge Representative, Kerry Chambers, on email kerry.chambers@zct.org.uk. 

1141  Tree's a crowd

Challenge group size: F

City Hospice

What's the challenge?

City Hospice (previously George Thomas Hospice) is the major provider of free specialist home based palliative care for those aged 18 and over who are living with the issues of a terminal illness in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Fast becoming an annual event (!), the hospice would love a team to go back and put up their Xmas deccies in two day rooms - the reception and a "quiet" room.   



1142  Together we're stronger

Challenge group size: M

Kids Cancer Charity

What's the challenge?

Kids Cancer Charity is a national charity supporting children affected by cancer and their families in every possible way. Services include play therapy, compassionate care respite breaks, bereavement support, specialist travel insurance and befriending.

Please provide 50 selection boxes for some of the children supported by this charity. This would represent a small gift from a stranger, and would  help put a smile on the face of a child who has been in hospital for a long time, or has been going through cancer treatment.



1143  Got Christmas in Mind?

Challenge group size: F


What's the challenge?

Mind is one of our existing national partners, and is the key provider of mental health services
and support in and around Cardiff.


Here's a challenge for the whole building plus family and friends!  It's time to go through your cupboards and wardrobes to throw out those clothes, books, cd's, toys and homeware that you'll never use again in readiness for your Chrimbo pressies. Please provide 15 bags full of good quality second hand items to replenish the stock in Mind's local Bearwood charity shop.  Mind will provide branded bags.  All you have to do is fill them and deliver your donations to their shop. What could be more simple?