Tony Stevens, former Head of Marketing Development for Zurich UK Life, Swindon

Tony has been mentoring Laura at the MS Therapy Centre in Swindon, who is in charge of fundraising and marketing.  Laura has some great ideas, for example, the two minute freeze on volunteering day, which clearly demonstrated the dependence of the centre and its clients upon the volunteers.

Tony is encouraging Laura to create an authority statement so that she is clear in what her role is and where her responsibilities lie.  He has encouraged her to ask herself about what her job title means and as such, what is her job role, and what is she measured on? 

Last year, Tony also ran a business planning session with the MS Therapy Centre Trustees.  His view was that they were trying to do too much, and risked not succeeding.   He recommended that they take a closer look at what they’ve achieved so far.  The Trustees have five sub-committees but they are not prioritised, which means their ‘demands’ are coming in from all directions, so Tony wants these to be put back into the Trustee meeting.

Tony continues his ‘Keep in touch’ meetings every three months and loves the organisations he works with.  He has great respect for them all and  feels a special affinity with TWIGS, STEP and Swindon Friends of Young Carers.  By supporting smaller organisations Tony can really see how each individual can directly make an impact.

Tony’s wife, Denise, is also now a Trustee of the Swindon Friends of Young Carers and he is often tasked with sourcing auction items.  It’s easy to see how busy Tony is, and the great value he adds to these organisations and individuals on  a personal level.  Thank you Tony!