Welcome to our latest volunteering programme!

More and more people are choosing to take their pension at an earlier age and enjoy life 'after the office'.  As we are always looking for new ways to engage Zurich employees with the community, we have developed  'Evolving'.  This is our new programme aimed at supporting Zurich retirees by providing them with the opportunity to use the valuable skills and experience developed at work, and learn new ones, whilst embarking on the road to retirement. 
Many Zurich employees enjoy taking part in the Trust’s volunteering activities while working at Zurich.   Now we want to take a step further in the aim of making these types of activities more easily available to Zurich retirees as well.  More than ever, we realise that time and skills are at a premium to the much stretched voluntary sector; charities can really benefit from the kind of experience retirees can offer.   To support this, Zurich's volunteering policy has recently been changed to enable Zurich employees in the last six months of employment, to take one paid half-day per week to volunteer in the community.

Giving through your pension

We're delighted to say that, as a retiree, you are still able to make a huge difference to charities across the UK and overseas by supporting Zurich Community Trust by giving tax effectively through your pension.  Whatever you give will be 100% matched by Zurich Community Trust with no administrative costs deducted.  So whether you are already signed up to Give As You Earn and would like to continue once retired, or would like to sign up now for the first time, you can rest assured your donations will go that much further - and make a bigger positive difference - through this scheme.  You can download the form here or on the side.


Get in touch! 

There are plenty of great volunteering opportunities in the pipeline.  So if you would like to know more we'd love to hear from you!  Just contact Wendy Martin from Zurich Community Trust or email wendy.martin@zct.org.uk or call 01242 664631. Please note: Wendy works Mondays to Thursdays 9.00 to 3.00pm.


Zurich Pensioners’ Association

Are you a member of the Zurich Pensioners’ Association?  If not, and you’d like to find out more, please contact Wendy Martin in the Zurich Community Trust team on wendy.martin@zct.org.uk,  


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