Zurich Cares is the unifying banner that captures the spirit of employees'  involvement in the community, including the giving of time, professional skills and money to benefit those less fortunate.

Zurich's employees get involved in a number of ways - we have a fantastic range of fundraising activities ongoing throughout the year. We also have in place a well-established and dynamic volunteering programme in place to harness the time and skills of Zurich employees in the UK.

  • Zurich employees in the UK gave 4,596 days of volunteering time in 2017.  
  • Around 35% of Zurich employees in the UK take part in Zurich Community Trust brokered volunteering every year.



Volunteering opportunities include: Team challenges; Skillshares; Becoming a Charity co-ordinator or Ambassador for the Trust; lunchtime volunteering, mentoring and being a Call in Time telephone befriender for older people. Find out too about the opportunities to volunteer in retirement through our Evolving programme >>.



Our flagship team volunteering programme - 2019 will mark its 29th year!

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Giving time & skills

We support and encourage Zurich employees to share their expertise with the voluntary sector.

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Our programme brokers volunteering opportunities for Zurich retirees..

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