Pictured: A grant to EdUKaid, Southern Tanzania through our Overseas Grants Programme, has helped 150 children to complete their education and to have the chance of a better future. 

Our grant giving policy has two strands; our Social Transformation programmes and employee and financial adviser involvement, resulting in £2.8 million of charitable activities being delivered to over 800 charities in the UK and overseas every year.  

'Zurich Cares' and the Openwork Foundation are both supported funds of the Zurich Community Trust.  The 'Zurich Cares' grant pot is built up through Zurich employee fundraising which is then matched through the Zurich annual business donation to the Trust.

Our grant giving is driven by our charitable objective - to help improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people. 

The power of partnerships

Wherever we can, we aim to add value to our grant giving through the sharing of employees' business skills, time and enthusiasm. In this way, in addition to our role as a funder, we hope to create true partnerships. We also work to act as an informed advocate of our partners' work and facilitate opportunities for our partners to share experience, best practice and ideas for future development. 

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