How to apply for a grant if your organisation is in or around Birmingham

If your organisation is within a 25-mile radius of Birmingham and works to improve the life of disadvantaged people, we may be able to help. Our annual grant pot is around £35,000 and we usually give out grants of up to £1,000.





How to apply in 2018 

If you are a small local charity or community group, your beneficiaries are situated within 25 miles of our office in Birmingham, and you help to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people, we may be able to help you with a small grant of up to £1,000.

Any applications over £1,000 will not be considered. If a charity has been awarded a grant by the committee in 2016 or 2017, we will not award them another in 2018.


How to apply for a grant 

The application window will re-open in 2019. 

BEFORE starting to complete the form, please take the time to read through all the questions to make sure you have all the required details to hand.  It is not possible to save the form as you are completing it, so this is essential.

  • Supporting documents - please ensure you have your latest Annual Report and Accounts (in Word, pdf or other emailable format) to submit along with the form - you will be prompted to email these at the end of the application process.   PLEASE NOTE, you will be unable to submit the form without attaching the supporting document(s).
  • Once you have completed the form please click on the 'Submit application' button at the bottom of the form to email this and the supporting documentation to the Zurich Community Trust team.  

The committee will then make and communicate their decisions by 31 July.

For advice about the application process or to talk through your particular grant application, please contact Carla Mandis on 07812 265216 or email

 The Grants Committee give careful consideration to all applications. However, the demand for grants nearly always exceeds the amount of funds available. This means that some good applications, whilst meeting our criteria, still have to be rejected.



What we don't fund

If you are seeking support for a project on the list of exclusions below, please click on the link Suggestions for other sources of funds:

  • Applications by an individual for any purpose or on behalf of an individual e.g. personal medical equipment, expeditions, exchanges, or study tours
  • Medical research
  • Statutory organisations including mainstream schools and hospitals - unless exclusively for a special needs group
  • Playgroups and mother and toddler groups - unless exclusively for special needs
  • Sports clubs, and Community clubs - unless exclusively for special needs or disadvantaged children
  • Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets  and other similar organisations - unless exclusively for special needs or disadvantaged children
  • Animal welfare charities
  • Conservation or environmental projects - unless primarily involving disadvantaged people
  • Political organisations or those supporting military action.
  • Organisation that promote religious beliefs
  • Fundraising events and secondary grant giving including appeals or events for national charities
  • Advertising or sponsorship connected with charitable activities.


Do you need volunteers? We may be able to help ...

We run a number of programmes to enable employees to share their time and/or business skills with their local community.  All bring tremendous benefits to the voluntary organisations and the people they work with. We may be able to help you too. 

Listed below are some of the things we do.  Contact us if your organisation is within a 25 mile radius of Birmingham and has something that needs doing under one of these headings:

Annual Challenge - mainly practical one-off projects, which teams of staff can take up. For example, decorating, DIY, day trips or gardening.
Skillshare - short term projects, taking typically 10 hours, and where staff share their business skills in areas such as marketing, HR, finance and IT.
Need Trustees? - we encourage staff to take up these positions in our programmes. Also, to take up positions as school governors in special needs schools or schools in disadvantaged areas.

Please contact Carla Mandis, Zurich Cares Programme Manager, either by telephoning   07812 265216 
 or email  and we may be able to help.