What we fund

We support organisations that help disadvantaged people to have an improved quality of life. This includes organisations that are charitable in nature as well as registered charities.

Most of our funds that are open to apply to are designated in areas around our main office locations in Gloucestershire, Fareham and Farnborough in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Birmingham,Glasgow and Leeds

We have developed a number of multi year funding arrangements with smaller community groups and voluntary organisations around our smaller office locations  in Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, London and Manchester.  We also consider applications for overseas projects provided that there is a UK partner organisation to administer the grant.

We do have limited funds and this means we have to lay down strict criteria for giving.

Therefore our focus is on giving money to organisations that  help to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people.

What do we mean by disadvantaged?

By disadvantaged people, we mean supporting organisations that help to alleviate the impact, on individuals, of being disadvantaged. For example:

  • Physical disability/learning difficulties
  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Health impaired
  • Life limited
  • Mental health
  • Bereavement
  • Carers/young carers
  • Vulnerable (young)
  • NEETS - young people not in education, employment or training.

And what we don't fund...

So we are sorry if what you are seeking support for is covered on the list of exclusions below:

  • Applications by an individual for any purpose or on behalf of an individual e.g. personal medical equipment, expeditions, exchanges or study tours.
  • Medical research
  • Statutory organisations including mainstream schools and hospitals - unless exclusively for a special needs group
  • Animal welfare charities
  • Conservation or environmental projects – unless involving disadvantaged people
  • Political organisations or those supporting military action.
  • Organisations that promote religious beliefs
  • Sports clubs, village halls, playgroups and mother and toddler groups - unless for special needs groups
  • Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets and other similar organisations -unless specifically supporting disadvantaged children
  • Fundraising events including appeals or events for national charities
  • Advertising or sponsorship connected with charitable activities

 Here are some suggestions for other sources of funding >>