In 2016, through a range of UK and overseas grant making programmes, Zurich Community Trust supported over 800 charities, helping over 100,000 people.    

Just one charity..

What better way to start 2015 than to think of just one of the charities - Supporting Children in Peru (SKIP) - who, last year, received a grant through our Overseas Grant Programme last year!

SKIP provides educational services and support to 140 families each year in villages in the outskirts of Trujillo, North West Peru. A key focus is placed on literacy and the charity has a library to meet the needs of 300 children aged between 5-17 years. For most of the children this is their only access to reading material.  Most of the SKIP children live in homes where this support is lacking as their parents are illiterate themselves. The charity is also struggling to maintain the children’s interest in reading because many have already read all the books at an appropriate level for their ability.

Our grant of £2,000 will help to restock the library with a wider range of materials, including books, to engage more children in reading and in further education – the route out of poverty.

"In the library I can do lots of things. I like reading books the best, especially when the SKIP teachers help me."  Anali Clarita, aged ten
"I like the books and the information I learn in the books at SKIP. They make me curious to find out more." Moisés Elias, aged ten  

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