Pictured:  Mike Howe from Zurich hands over a grant cheque to The Space Centre and Life Education for Lancashire.

Are you eligible?

To find out if you're eligible for a grant award from the Zurich Community Trust, please follow the links below:

Through our employee involvement programme, our main geographical areas of funding are around our main office locations, namely in  Cheltenham, Fareham, Farnborough,  Swindon, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds.  We also have small funds available in other locations.

Please note that our Social Transformation programmes supporting young people with mental health issues, vulnerable older people and our programme to break the cycle of generational drug misuse in families are fully committed, and DO NOT accept ad hoc applications.

Our programmes do vary per location and not all of them have an open application process, so please do refer to the links below.

How to apply for a local grant from Zurich Community Trust

Please click here to check if your organisation fits our funding criteria.  You will find the link to the on-line application form on the relevant location page.

Types of grants we give and for how long:

  • The grants that we make through the committees who have an open application process are usually one-off
  • We welcome core cost as well as project cost applications and our local manager will be happy to discuss this with you
  • We also promote the formation of multi year funding arrangements with smaller community and voluntary organisations. The causes that we choose to work with are informed by the Zurich employees from each location and we do not have an open application process for these.  Please use the links on the right hand side to find out more about this with the relevant member of the team.

How long will the process take and how would the grant be paid?

This will vary for each office location depending on how established the local grant committee is and the budget they have to commit each year.  Please check this when you contact the local Programme Manager in your area.

Each application will be acknowledged and we will contact you if we require further information or wish to visit the project.  When a decision has been made we will contact you to let you know - and if any conditions will need to be met - before the grant is paid.


Who are you?

An individual seeking funding


Zurich's Community Trust in the UK works with voluntary sector organisations and charities to support disadvantaged people.

In this way, we aim to reach as many people as we can with the funding we have available. We feel that we are able to make greater impact by funding individuals though organisations than direct support. Therefore we do not provide grant awards to individuals.

If you live in the UK, you could consult the 'Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need', which suggests sources of funding and is published by the Directory of Social Change. You may find a copy in your local library or Citizens Advice Bureau.


None of the above

If you are none of the above, you will fall outside our funding criteria. However, please do take a look at these alternatives sources of funding - they may be able to help.