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Phone lines open in London on Wednesday 17 May at 10am.  Please call Emma Francis on 07867 550491.

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600  Come on Barbie, let's go party!

Challenge group size: L


What's the challenge?

Mind, Tower Hamlets and Newham is a community health charity that exists to make sure anyone with a mental health or emotional issue has somewhere to turn for advice and support.



Work with the Mind team to organise an awareness raising, summer fun day in the summer. This will be on a weekday and will include a BBQ and music - they have their own band.

100% matching applies. 


601  The show must go on!

Challenge group size: S

Immediate Theatre


What's the challenge?

Immediate Theatre provides drama workshops for disadvantaged 5–13 year olds, with a hot meal and support for parents, in Hackney. They are one of London’s multi-year funding partners.


 At the end of each term the students give a performance. The young people love to have an audience (and it is very important for their self-esteem that what they’ve been practising is seen).  Unfortunately not many parents attend these events. Your challenge is to gather a group of five volunteers to watch the show(s) at the end of the summer term (mid-July).  An extra challenge is to raise enough money to pay for a £5 book token for each of the 40 children who will be taking part.

100% matching applies. 





 = Wheelchair accessible