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552  On the Stage

Challenge group size: L

Lineham Farm Children's Centre

What's the challenge?

Lineham Farm Children's Centre is a children's charity based in Eccup in Leeds that provides residential weeks during term time for 8 - 12 year old children.

They invite schools from underprivileged areas in Leeds to stay with them from Monday to Friday with their school friends and teachers.  During the week they take part in outdoor activities like high ropes, climbing, archery, bushcraft, orienteering and animal care.

The activity workers are role models for the young children and during the week they boost confidence and improve morale - the children learn about caring for the environment and treating each other with respect.


They would like steps dug into the bank near their orienteering circle which could be used as amphitheatre seating. The orienteering circle would also be used as a stage so it will make the area multi purpose. Ideally they would like sleepers and organic materials to be used to create the steps so it can fit into the natural environment. They would love to be able to use this as an outdoor theatre space. Photos >




554  Mix & Match

Challenge group size: M

Leonard Cheshire Disability

What's the challenge?

Leonard Cheshire Disability in Cleakheaton is a residential home for people with a variety of disabilities.


Leonard Cheshire would love to get some keen gardeners to create a raised bed during the morning. They would also be grateful for the purchase of some bamboo boxes to display lovely flowers in the garden. In the afternoon they would love the team to take part in activities with residents. This could involve quizzes and board games. It's a great opportunity to spend quality time with residents as they love to chat and interact with the volunteers and get involved in activities.  Photos >

564  Green Fingers

Challenge group size: F

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

What's the challenge?

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a local independent charity that provides educational services to disadvantaged young people, adults with learning disabilities and environmental education to primary school children.  

The 24-acre site contains a range of farm animals, ornamental and market gardens and a variety of wildlife habitats. In addition to the animal care and horticultural tasks the service users undertake, there are many tasks involving habitat management, conservation, sustainability and environmental related activities.



This challenge consists of several general maintainance tasks within the market garden area. It is not expected that all these tasks will be undertaken on the day - and some will depend upon the time of year - but any help given would be greatly appreciated!

  • Dig out weeds and overgrown vegetation from the nursery beds, preserving some of the plants contained within that area. Wheelbarrowing removed material to the long-term compost site approx 150 metres of, mostly, level surfaced pathway. Dig over and rake the surface level on completion.
  • Remove rubble and old multi-pack bags from a grassy path. Dig out grass and weeds to achieve an even surface between the main pathway and some steps.
  • Supplementary tasks: Grass cutting, Vegetation removal and weeding, Border management, Balsam bashing/ragwort removal

NOTE: Some element of fundraising will be required to provide replacement wheelbarrows and tools - the tasks will be easier if volunteers have access to new wheelbarrows. It is suggested a maximum figure in the region of £300. This challenge could be picked up by more than one team. Photos >                                                             

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