Paint brushes at the ready in Leeds!

Phone lines open on Wednesday 17 May at 11am.  Please call Carla Mandis on 07812 265216 to book.  

Don't forget to look at the size of the challenge indicated by looking at the key at the bottom.  Plus, if available, click the photo link for your challenge to view your potential project.

553  Hit the deck!

Challenge group size:    M

Lineham Farm Children's Centre

What's the challenge?

Lineham Farm Children's Centre is a children's charity based in Eccup in Leeds that provides residential weeks during term time for 8 - 12 year old children.

They invite schools from underprivileged areas in Leeds to stay with them from Monday to Friday with their school friends and teachers. During the week they take part in outdoor activities such as high ropes, climbing, archery, bushcraft, orienteering and animal care.

The activity workers are role models for the young children and during the week they boost confidence and improve morale - the children learn about caring for the environment and treating each other with respect.


Lineham would love a team to give their decking area a revamp. The area needs a general tidy up and the decking, fencing and bench all needs repainting and protecting from the elements.

The area is currently not being used to its full potential and they would welcome the team's thoughts on how they can make the best out of the space for the children in their care.  Photos >






555  A touch of paint!

Challenge group size:  M

Leonard Cheshire Disability

What's the challenge?

Leonard Cheshire Disability in Cleakheaton is a residential home for people with a variety of disabilities. 


Leonard Cheshire would love for some keen painters to help them revamp their wooden furniture - they have a small shed, bird house and lots of benches that need a good lick of paint to protect them from the elements. The shed also needs a new roof. Photos >


558  Zurich House needs some summer loving!

Challenge group size:  M

The Growing Zone

What's the challenge?

The Growing Zone in Kippax is an award winning community garden project for children and adults with various special needs and visual impairments. At the Growing Zone they teach gardening, crafts, construction, photography and many more living skills.


It is a never ending job to keep the garden looking good and they would love a team to help paint the perimeter fence and to also paint "Zurich House" - the large shed kindly donated to the site by Zurich employees. Photos >

561  In need of parking!

Challenge group size:  M

Daniel Yorath House

What's the challenge?

Daniel Yorath House in Garforth provides quality neuro behavioural rehabilitation for people with complex and challenging needs after brain injury. They operate a 19 bed centre with two community houses nearby, where their service users can go for the final stages of their rehabilitation.


Car parking is extremely limited at their main unit and this is creating some problems for the service users, their families and staff. They would love a team to help them remove what is left of the hedging along the boundary fence (they will remove the large hedging with a digger before the team comes on site) but the main role of the team will be to level the area and lay some hardcore.  This will significantly increase the available parking spaces within the unit grounds. Two medium size teams (one to start and the other to finish) would be ideal. This could be picked up by more than one team. Photos >




 = Wheelchair accessible