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Phone lines open on Wednesday 17 May at 11.30am.  Please call Carla Mandis on 07812 265216 to book.  

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492  Green Fingers!

Challenge group size: L

Turning Point Scotland Renfrewshire

What's the challenge?

Turning Point Scotland Renfrewshire is a learning disability service providing person centred support to adults with a range of complex needs.
The charity provides support to thousands of adults with complex issues such as substance misuse, learning disabilities, autism, neurological conditions, homelessness, mental health and criminal justice.


The challenge would be to make an area of the office car park into an  allotment for growing plants and vegetables and creating an area for poly tunnels. This would also include making raised beds.

The present soil in the car park area would need to be overturned and new soil spread in the area and on the raised beds. The area would also need to be weeded. Ideally, the challenge would need 10 or more volunteers to dig the area, make raised beds/ allotments, prepare/set up polytunnels and make a start on planting seasonal veg.

486  A Blank Canvas!

Challenge group size: S


What's the challenge?

The original Erskine Hospital was established in 1916 to care for wounded soldiers and sailors returning from the battlefields of the First World War. Over 100 years later, the organisation now cares for an average of 1,000 elderly and disabled ex-Service men and women, their spouses and widows/widowers each year through nursing, dementia, palliative and respite care in four Erskine Homes across Scotland’s Central Belt.

Erskine offers care to men and women with a broad range of complex care needs, including those living with a physical disability and those with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or cognitive impairments including all forms of dementia.  They provide on-site services in all of their homes including physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, recreational and social activities, dentistry, podiatry, hairdressing and more.

Erskine would love a team to visit the Erskine Glasgow Home to jazz up an external wall!

While a number of the residents bedrooms look out on to the courtyard garden, unfortunately, some of the residents only have a blank wall to look at. They would love a small team to come to their home in the morning to erect a trellis to the wall and provide some climber plants and hanging baskets to make the view far more appealing to the residents. In the afternoon, the team could spend some time with the residents playing games - perhaps a quiz with some afternoon tea! Photos >