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004 Back to the Future

Challenge group size: M/L

The Ridge Academy

What's the challenge?

The Ridge Academy works with children who have social, emotional and mental health needs with a large proportion coming from deprived backgrounds. The school has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and challenges every pupil to aspire and achieve to their full potential. Photos >


They have a large outside area that was developed by Zurich years ago but which is now in need of a refurbishment. Even though it does have a great sandpit and pond, the area would be vastly improved if the painting and planting were to be updated and the stone slabs jet washed.

This will benefit all 48 children at the school. 

(How about working with another team on this one?)   

100% matching applies.

005 Play Safe

Challenge group size: F

The Forest of Dean Children's Opportunity Centre

What's the challenge?

The Forest of Dean Children's Opportunity Centre provides services and support to children from birth to age seven who have additional needs. They promote full inclusion into the wider community.

Their core philosophy and belief is that children with a special need should play, learn and develop alongside their peers in a fully integrated and safe, warm and stimulating environment. Photos >


This gardening challenge has four elements - cleaning the logs, weeding the area, planting the area with safe, scented, ground cover plants and mulching the area with a child safe, bark mulch. The existing weed suppressant fabric could be retained or reused where possible. Some of the play logs have rotted but could be repaired and used as planters. 

They think this would be a good project for up to 10 people and would cost around £210 in plants and mulch. This project will benefit over 120 children.