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Don't forget to look at the size of the challenge indicated by looking at the key at the bottom.  Plus, if available, click the photo link for your challenge to view your potential project.

001 Horses for Courses

Challenge group size:    F

The Centred Horseplay charity 

What's the challenge?

The Centred Horseplay charity delivers "TheHorseCourse", an innovative, evidence based, horse powered intervention for people with poor thinking and/or emotional skills. They work with young people and also run additional projects for specific adult cohorts, such as Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation. 8 out of every 10 people Centred Horseplay work with will do better in education or work and in their relationships with peers, family and professionals. Photos >


They would love your team to spruce up a barn area so that they can continue to teach courses when the weather is poor. The floor is already covered with suitable material. What it needs now, however,  is for the walls to be 'creatively' painted and an inside boundary innovatively produced with fencing/ kick boards. 

100% matching applies.


002 Stoke the Fire

Challenge group size:  F

Noah's Ark Children's Venture 

What's the challenge?

Noah's Ark Children's Venture provides short-stay residential breaks to groups of children, young people, and sometimes adults - from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or with disabilities and a range of special needs. They stay for a week or weekend.  Each group come with their own members of staff.  They provide some activities on site and in the woodland. Whilst there they learn life skills, social skills and personal hygiene. Photos >


They would like a team to undertake a variety of tasks which include bringing in wood for winter and laying down a woodchip path with other DIY tasks on the list. 

They have 18 acres of woodland so it's not difficult to find tasks to keep you busy!


003 Don't glos over this!

Challenge group size:  M

Stroud Beresford Group - Women's Refuge

What's the challenge?

Stroud Beresford Women's Refuge offers accommodation and outreach services to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, helping them to move on from the abuse they have experienced to build a safer, happier future. Photos >


Stroud Beresford Women's Refuge would like you to decorate two rooms of the refuge properties. This would include repainting the ceiling and walls within the playroom and living room. The playroom is an area that is used by all children living in the refuge and plays a pivotal role in helping children to have a safe space in which to play, learn and develop alongside their family. The living space is essential for welcoming new women and children into the refuge and is one of the first spaces they see and where the refuge team undertake the majority of their work with women about the effect of domestic abuse on children. 

100% matching applies.