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651  Nobody goes hungry!

Challenge group size: S

FareShare South Wales

What's the challenge?

FareShare South Wales supports communities to combat food poverty and food waste in and around Cardiff. The team redistributes food to many charities and community groups. Their community food members provide vitally needed meals, food parcels and snacks to hundreds of disadvantaged people every day. They work with a huge variety of people experiencing hardship - from people who are homeless or unemployed, people dealing with substance abuse, refugees and asylum-seekers at drop-ins, Surestart centres, and breakfast and after-school clubs for children and young adults



Fareshare South Wales would love some teams to get involved at the heart of their food re-distribution, giving you the opportunity to help them improve the daily lives of people facing food poverty. Their daily operations rely entirely on volunteers and you will be working alongside staff and other volunteers on one or more of the following activities.

  • picking food orders
  • working with staff and fellow volunteers to make up orders for each of their organisations receiving food that day
  • labelling orders and helping to load the vans. You may also be asked to help deliver the items in the van.
  • Sorting food and organising the depot.
  • Sorting fresh fruit and veg.

This challenge can be taken up by more than one team. 




 = Wheelchair accessible