"What a great programme for us to be
a part of. We have the privilege of inspiring these young people and I know they will inspire us in return.  It's a sad fact that these young people are likely to experience barriers when attempting to achieve a fulfilling career.  I hope that 25 of you, with the support of Zurich and ZCT, will help these young people build the confidence to succeed. Thank you"
Tulsi Naidu - UK CEO and Trustee for Zurich Community Trust

The Zurich Community Trust and the Zurich UK Disability Inclusion Group (DIG) are excited to be piloting a new volunteering programme, giving UK employees the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique volunteering experience. The programme offers employees the rare chance to help inspire a young disabled person by becoming their mentor for a period of six months starting from May. 

The young disabled people's work shadowing programme matches young disabled people with businesses and individuals who mirror their aspirations. The overall objective is to inspire young people and give them a greater sense of direction towards potential career opportunities. With the aim of helping to build their confidence,  improve their overall life skills, expose them to working environments, and giving them the necessary skills to plan for a bright future.


"I'm delighted that we will be supporting these young people to help build their confidence and raise their aspirations.  As an organisation it will also provide us with a further valuable learning opportunity to ensure that Zurich's working environment is inclusive and we continue to improve our diversity"      
Richard Peden, Chair of Disability Inclusion Group.  

In partnership with Volunteering Matters, the Zurich Community Trust is proud to be offering 25 Zurich employees the opportunity to become a volunteer mentor for a young disabled person.

A previous pilot revealed 90% of young people felt more confident about applying for a job post-work shadowing. And 95% of the mentors who volunteered, felt the experience opened their eyes to the issues that young disabled people might face. 

"It was enlightening to spend time with my mentee and learn about their life and how they cope with their disability.”  Previous pilot mentor.



Each volunteer mentor will support their young mentee for six months between May – October. The mentoring will all take place remotely, with occasional face to face meetings in Zurich’s offices and there is a minimum requirement of one hour of mentoring per month. In addition, the mentor will arrange and co-ordinate for the young person to participate in a work shadowing opportunity within their local Zurich office during the month of July. This would be arranged once the mentor has a good understanding of their mentee’s goals and then the mentor will oversee and arrange a timetable for them to sit with teams and individuals who’s roles they feel would be of interest to the young person. Due to complexities with their disabilities and school/college commitments, this may be spread over a few weeks with half days and full days, but must total a minimum of 35 hours. Whilst this is a real opportunity for young disabled people to break through the barriers which often prevent them from approaching the workplace, it is also a great opportunity for any Zurich employee to develop a range of skills including: communication, listening and people management.







If you are interested in becoming a mentor and would like to know more before completing the form, please contact Sarah Covington, Programme Manager for Zurich Community Trust, or John Maxwell at Volunteering Matters. ____________________________________________________________________________________