Pictured above - some of the Zurich Barcelona (ZB) and Virgin London Marathon Dream Team 2015 runners.  From row left to right: Janine Bowler (London and ZB), Kayleigh Linklater (ZB), Sophie McGregor (London) and Richard Peden (ZB).   Back left to right:  Emily Barlow (London), Gary Shaughnessy (ZB), Simon Freeman (ZB), Dan Godwin (ZB) and Mark Flay (ZB).  With thanks to Marc Blackwell photography (mpb_photography@yahoo.co.uk)

Thursday 26 June, in Swindon, marked the handover of one BIG cheque for Zurich Community Trust!

Two 'Zurich Cares*' teams took part in the Zurich Barcelona Marathon on 15 March 2015 and the Virgin London Marathon on 25 April 2015.  The runners collectively raised, with 100% matching, an amazing total of £90,000 for Zurich Community Trust!
Each Zurich Cares Dream Team was made up of 17 runners, with each participant running hundreds of miles in training, eventually completing the Zurich Barcelona or the Virgin London Marathon or both!  Both teams, together with the Barcelona/London Treadmill Team event in February, ran so many extra miles to raise so much extra money for the Trust.

"We're so proud of each and every one of our amazing Dream Team runners.  For some of our runners, this was their first ever marathon but for others it was their fourth and still counting!  Both the Zurich Cares Barcelona and London Dream Teams have been incredibly creative with their fundraising this year.  Each one of them smashed their fundraising target which collectively has resulted in a staggering final total of £90,000 - truly amazing!  Well done and a huge 'Thank You' to all of the team, their sponsors and supporters!" Elaine Quinn, Zurich Cares UK Fundraising Manager

A massive 'Thank you!' also to the other members of both Marathon teams not present in the photo:

Zurich Barcelona: Des Richardson, Neil Richardson, Beth Bray, Mark Thorne, Katie Haylock, Richard Saunders, Dave Cowan, Mat Henderson, Paul Henderson and Yassar Malik.

London; Rob Aylward (External), Hayley Jarman (External), James Gibson UK Life, Mark Jones ZCS, UK Life, Martin Noble UK GI, Matthew Welsh UK GI, Patrick Taylor Endsleigh, Sam Lowe (External), Samantha Hatfield UK GI, Sam Parker UK Life, Sophie McGregor HR Services, Stephen Brown UK GI, Paul Bailey (External), Harriet Blackler TAG Worldwide, Joe Lancaster (External), and not forgetting Beth Bray UK GI who's running a total of four marathons in 2015 for the Trust!



'Zurich Cares*' is the unifying banner that captures the spirit of involvement of Zurich employees across the UK through the giving of time, money and professional skills to benefit charities supporting those less  fortunate.  The 'Zurich Cares' fund is half funded by generous donations from employees (over £530,000 in 2014) and is matched through the annual business donation to the Zurich Community Trust.