Our four intrepid cyclists battled through wind & torrential rain, rough and rugged terrain, to travel on two wheels through seven different countries as fast as their pedals could take them. The team of Jason Cripps, Joe Rowe, Francis Reardon and Philip Indlekofer took on the non-stop ultra cycle relay (day and night) of 3,000 miles to beat the world record of 8 days. 20 hrs, 20 mins and 53 seconds. 

AND... they broke the existing record by a whopping 34 hours, crossing that finish line 7 days, 10 hours and 25 minutes after they set off on Saturday 11 June!


You can see pictures and videos of the challenge on Twitter on @ZCTrust and @RAE4ZCT, and  www.facebook.com/zurichcommunitytrust

They've broken a record and may have nearly broken themselves in the process (that was one very tough challenge!), but their fundraising journey still continues as they aim to raise £20,000 for Zurich community Trust! Please help support them and if you feel proud, spare some pennies! DONATE HERE >> 

About the challenge

Starting from Calais on Saturday 11 June, (pictured above from left) Philip Indlekofer, Jason Cripps, Francis Reardon and Joe Rowe were on a non-stop cycling relay of 3,000 miles. The challenge passed through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France (again), Spain and completed 47 km of climbing to finally reach Gibraltar in their world breaking time. Just take a look at what the team took on by clicking on the infographic on the side.

Every second counted! Supported by a crew of five, on an average day each rider was in the saddle for 6 hours (100 miles) in two to three hour slots before passing the baton to a fellow rider. The relay of four never stopped as they cycled through the night, navigating their way around narrow windy mountain roads and unknown terrain.  It really was an ultra cycling challenge like no other and recognised as the "Toughest Non Stop Cycling Event in the World". 




Whatever you give will be 100% matched by ZCT and no deductions will be taken out of any donations to cover administration or event costs. It means every penny will go to deserving causes to make the biggest possible difference to others' lives. Thank you!

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